We in the web
It makes us
A thread in fabric
Sewn together
Weaving who we are

We work with clothes and it is our goal to wrap bodies with complex matter composed of paths, stories and affection. This is how we create a fluid and resistant structure, spinning threads and generating a large web of relations established in what we produce. With each knot that we tie, a new possibility arises, hence our vision unfolds and our practices are revealed in the process.


Natural dyeing teaches us every day how much a holistic view, with all the elements of an integrated chain, is essential. From earth to pigment an infinity of variables give rise to tones, making it necessary to recognize them and to be aware of their influence. With attentive eyes to details we continuously propose the encounter between ancestral knowledge and technological innovations in order to promote humanized relationships and positive impacts at all points of the chain.

Our inspiration comes from the living poetry in everyday life, of fortuity encounters, of the preciosities that reveal themselves in the unexpected. The magnitude of our territory embraces us and encompasses its diversity. So we moved our center, went back to the heart of the country, to the rich and creative sertões (Brazilian outback). 


Since 2016 we are a company certified by System B, an initiative active in more than 50 countries that consolidates transparency in production processes and concerns itself with socio-environmental impacts, equating them to profit in a company’s managing priorities.

Nossa equipe: